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CALGARY – Calgary West Member of Parliament Rob Anders released information, today, about “Temporary Tories” that Ron Liepert and his band of Red Tories have signed up from the Liberal Party and elsewhere in order to hijack the Conservative Party of Canada’s nomination process in the new riding of Calgary Signal Hill.

Said Rob Anders MP, “Ron Liepert and his Red Tory band have signed up Liberal Party members and others who oppose our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in order to bring about a hostile takeover of a safe, Harper Conservative seat in Calgary Signal Hill. Beginning today, I will release the names of Liberal Party members and others opposed to our Conservative Government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

Mr. Anders pointed to former, federal Liberal Party candidate Janice Kinch, Greg Schmidt (former Chief of Staff to Chretien cabinet minister Anne McLellan), and Buzz Bishop. Buzz Bishop wrote on his blog:

For the first time in my life, I am a member of a political party. When the nomination meeting is held, I will show up and try to defeat Rob Anders.  When a Federal Election is called, it will be highly unlikely Liepert would get my support a second time, especially if Stephen Harper is still leader (Found at: http://www.buzzbishop.com/blog/news/became-member-conservative-party-canada/, March 25th 2014).

“For the next several days, I will release the names of more Liberal Party members and others signed up by Ron Liepert Red Tories who oppose the Harper Conservative agenda of lower taxes, balanced budgets, and supporting Alberta’s oil sands as Canada’s key economic driver. We cannot allow Ron Liepert Red Tories and their fellow travellers in the Liberal Party and elsewhere to hijack our party,” said Anders.



A Message re Ron Liepert’s misleading allegations

Many of you have asked for details surrounding the misleading allegations made by Ron Liepert concerning calls made by volunteers in the nomination race of Calgary Signal Hill. I'm very happy to have this opportunity to present our side of the story.

On Friday, March 21, a handful of volunteers made live calls to approximately 97 Conservative members who live in Calgary Signal Hill; these were not so-called “robocalls.” These volunteers identified themselves as “volunteers calling on behalf of Conservatives in our new riding of Calgary Signal Hill.” As is typical in political campaigns at all levels of government, volunteers tried to gauge where support for their candidate and their opponent lay. Volunteers asked members whether or not they would support Ron Liepert in the upcoming Conservative Party of Canada nomination meeting. Some were asked whether they would be supporting MP Rob Anders.

Clearly and contrary to Ron Liepert's unfounded accusations, there was no attempt to impersonate either Ron Liepert or his campaign team by these volunteers. We call on the Conservative Party and all real conservatives to join with our campaign in condemning the use of misleading telephone calls and tactics.

ENC.  Link to volunteer script for March 21st can be found here.
ENC.  Link to talking points for March 21st can be found here.




March 26th, 2014
Calgary, Alberta

The Rob Anders campaign has instructed legal counsel to pursue any and all legal action against Ron Liepert and his campaign, following defamatory claims made by the Liepert campaign in respect of the Anders campaign’s voter outreach.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that on the same day Prime Minister Stephen Harper's endorsement of Rob Anders is released publicly, that Anders' opponent would resort to deceptive and untruthful tactics.

This is exactly the type of low brow, bottom-of-the-barrel, gutter politics Albertans have come to expect from Ron Liepert, a man with a history of bullying and intimidation while in public-office.

Liepert’s deliberate bully boy tactics of intimidation are very well documented (“Simons, P., Liepert, Stelmach's bully boy, finally crosses the line, Edmonton Journal, November 22, 2008).

Voters in Calgary Signal Hill will not be pushed around by a man desperately trying to hide the inconvenient truth of his irresponsible, tax-and-spend, liberal agenda.





March 24th, 2014
Calgary, Alberta

Ron Liepert began throwing baseless accusations at Rob Anders today because Ron Liepert is worried about the momentum in Rob’s campaign. He falsely claimed Rob Anders’ Conservative nomination campaign made erroneous calls last Friday.

“We all know that Ron Liepert is part of an ultra-partisan, liberal group who has lost several nomination campaigns in this riding and is now desperately trying to subvert our democratic process. The final word belongs to the people.” said MP Rob Anders.

As with Alison Redford’s leadership campaign for the premier’s office when she signed up Liberal and NDP party members to vote her in as Alberta PC leader, Ron Liepert has signed up federal Liberal and NDP party members in an effort to make him the Conservative candidate in Calgary Signal Hill.

“I’m seeking the support of every Harper Conservative in Calgary Signal Hill to make sure Alison Redford’s tax-and-spend friend, Ron Liepert, isn’t sent to Ottawa,” added MP Rob Anders.





March 24th, 2014
Calgary, Alberta

Prime Minister Stephen Harper endorsed MP Rob Anders, today, for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination for Calgary Signal Hill.

Prime Minister Harper said: 

"Rob Anders has been a strong voice in our Caucus and Conservative Government as well as a valued member of our team. The Road to 2015 is one that needs strong, stable leadership and I've been able to count on Rob to get real results for his riding and our country.”

“The people of Canada and Prime Minister Harper need a Member of Parliament  who will work with the Prime Minister and the Conservative Caucus to fight to keep taxes low for hard-working families and  to make our streets safe,” said former national director of the Canadian Tax Payers Federation and MP John Williamson. “Rob Anders is a veteran member and his repeated contributions to our weekly caucus discussions are principled as he dependably promotes lower taxes, spending discipline and conservative-oriented solutions.”

“Prime Minister Harper knows that I will always fight against tax-and-spend liberals like Ron Liepert and his good friend, Alison Redford.” said MP Rob Anders.

Since first forming government in 2006, Rob Anders has voted for over 160 tax cuts, including lowering the GST from 7% to 6% to 5%. But when he was Alison Redford’s Finance Minister, Ron Liepert talked about introducing a provincial sales tax in Alberta, increasing the gasoline tax, and he told the Canadian Press, "I will not rule out tax increases” (CTV News, April 17, 2009).

"Harper Conservatives in Calgary Signal Hill have a clear choice. They can choose a valued member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Caucus who fights to cut taxes for Canadian families, or they can choose Alison Redford's former campaign manager and best tax-and-spend friend, Ron Liepert.”





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